Kamon Art

Kamon designer Noriko Oki

*Japan Kamon Society : Member

*Kyoto Kamon Society : Member

*Born in Japan in 1975.

*I have been working as a kamon designer since 2004.

*Live in NZ from 2013.

*I create the kamon and I post it once a day on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Past work (except Japan)
*You can be seen my past work's pictures at Facebook as well.

Creation of personal kamon - 11 orders
Koru Dojo (in NZ) [Logo design]
Embassy of friendship (in NZ) [Logo design, Website creation]
Baycarving (in NZ) [Website creation]
EPL Ltd (in NZ) [Website creation]

Introduced through the media (except Japan)

09-2015[web]Nice Japan

Kamon Art